Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower

Bridal showers are a great excuse to embrace the fall season if you want to throw this celebration of love during autumn. Bust out your favorite rustic decorations and deck out the food and drink menu with your favorite pumpkin, apple, sweet potato and pear recipes. Embrace the season by throwing a pumpkin themed shower.

While setting a date for a bridal shower is priority number one, you might get stumped once it’s time to plan out your pumpkin themed shower. Getting all the decorations, food, drinks and party favors ready can be daunting. We’ve come up with some must-haves for a successful pumpkin-loving fall bridal shower.

1. Be Strategic about Your Fresh Pumpkins

The first thing you likely have on your party planning list is a trip to a pumpkin patch. While you’ll want plenty of pumpkins for decorations, they don’t have to all be fresh. Leave fresh pumpkin decorations for when you want the rustic, realistic look of a real pumpkin.

Doily Pumpkin | Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower | My Wedding FavorsAllyson Baker Design

Then there are decorations that take the shape of a pumpkin but may not need to look like the real thing. For instance, these Mr. and Mrs. pumpkins can be achieved with black marker on faux white pumpkins you can get at craft stores. You won’t have to worry about what you’ll do with spoiling pumpkins after the party and the bride can always take these home at the end of the night.

Mr and Mrs Pumpkins | Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower | My Wedding FavorsNoi Tran Photography

2. Incorporate Other Fall Elements

While the bridal shower is pumpkin themed, it’s a good idea to incorporate other fall elements into the decorations. Rustic additions like sprays of autumn leaves or decorative gourds provide a nice complement to the traditional pumpkins.

Gourds and Fall Leaves | Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower | My Wedding FavorsBella Pictures

3. Get Adventurous with Pumpkin Foods

You’re going to feel an urge to go for the same old pumpkin pie when planning the food for your pumpkin themed shower. While traditions are nice, make your party stand out by going for foods that are just a bit cooler and more unique. For instance, this fluffy pumpkin pie dip makes a good party-style replacement for the classic pumpkin pie. Other great pumpkin foods include pumpkin hummus, pumpkin chili or pumpkin lasagna.

Pumpkin Dip | Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower | My Wedding FavorsSpend With Pennies

4. Incorporate Pumpkins into the Drinks

The same goes for the drinks! Skip the cliche pumpkin spiced lattes and hand out pumpkin punch instead. This spiced pumpkin punch will taste great whether it’s spiked or not.

Pumpkin Punch | Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower | My Wedding FavorsDomesticate Me

5. Hand Out Pumpkin Themed Party Favors

Your guests should come away from the fall bridal shower with fun pumpkin favors they’ll actually use, like these cute pumpkin trinket dish. Or you could hand out a sets of pumpkin bottle stoppers and pumpkin bottle openers.

Pumpkin Trinket Dish | Planning The Perfect Pumpkin Themed Shower | My Wedding Favors