Spooky Food For a Halloween Party

Perhaps you want your bridal shower to be themed for your favorite holiday. Or maybe you don’t need a reason like a bridal shower or engagement party to celebrate the spookiest day out of the year. Either way, setting your party for Halloween comes with all sorts of perks. Every store is stocked with numerous spooky decorations, friends and family are in the partying spirit and it lends itself well to themed party food.

The best Halloween party foods will satisfy a wide range of people and will embrace the spooky spirit of this fun autumn holiday. Need some inspiration? We’ve compiled our favorite foods that are perfect for the occasion.

1. Ouija Cake

If a seance is on the itinerary for your Halloween party, celebrate the event with a Ouija cake. Bakeries can print out cool designs, including a Ouija board, onto edible paper that then lays out on a sheet cake. It’s an easy way to turn a boring sheet cake into something your guests might fear.

Ouija Cake | Spooky Food For a Halloween Party | My Wedding FavorsDelish

2. Frankenstein Treats

A quick make-ahead dessert is this scary twist on the classic Rice Krispie treat. Dye the cereal green, make the treats, cut them into rectangles and dip one end into melted chocolate. With a bit of decorations you have a fast and tasty dessert that looks just like Frankenstein’s monster.

Frankenstein Treats | Spooky Food For a Halloween Party | My Wedding FavorsBig Bear’s Wife

3. Candy Kebabs

Of all the holidays you could have chosen for your party, Halloween is the one most know for its sweet treats. Embrace the trick or treat atmosphere by providing a make-your-own candy kebab bar. Candy variety is a must!

Candy Kebabs | Spooky Food For a Halloween Party | My Wedding FavorsSteve Giralt

4. Strawberry Ghosts

You know the classic chocolate-covered strawberries, right? Give them a spooky makeover by using white candy melts and a bit of black icing to turn them into little strawberry ghosts.

Strawberry Ghosts | Spooky Food For a Halloween Party | My Wedding FavorsMiss Candiquik

5. Deviled Spider Eggs

With all that sugar laying around, your guests are going to need a savory treat. How about spider eggs? Just add a cut up black olive to the tops of regular deviled eggs to make them look like little spiders are atop each one.

Spider Eggs | Spooky Food For a Halloween Party | My Wedding FavorsGenius Kitchen

6. Pumpkin Cheese Balls

Everyone loves a cheese ball for the go-to cracker topper. Make everyone their own individual savory treats, like these pumpkin cheese balls. They’re just like traditional balls of cheese but are shaped like pumpkins and dusted with paprika. A piece of chive acts as a little stem.

Pumpkin Cheese Balls | Spooky Food For a Halloween Party | My Wedding FavorsGourmet Girls