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I just read that David’s Bridal is offering a copy of Kim Kardashian’s wedding gown (at least, one of them) for $1,600. Given the thousands upon thousands of wedding gown designs out there, why would you pick one that practically everyone in the cosmos has seen? A Different Design for Every Bride As a wedding […]


In case you’ve been living on Pluto until today, Kim Kardashian got married to pro basketball-player Kris Humphries over the weekend. Sometime last week I either tweeted or posted on Facebook my idea for Kim Kardashian’s wedding favors. I figured she’d take her cue from Will and Kate’s wedding–they gave their guests expensive scarves with […]


  Recently, “Good Night” stations at weddings have been bidding guests adieu, giving couples another trendy way to set their celebration apart from the rest. After a night of dining, dancing and drinking, hosts help their guests drive home safely with coffee and cookies , doughnuts or chocolate-covered strawberries, candy buffets, even fresh bagels and […]


Slightly old news, but still…this from Rob Shuter of Naughty But Nice: Don’t worry if your invite to Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ wedding gets lost in the mail, you’ll be able to watch it all on TV. An insider tells me that Kim is in talks with Ryan Seacrest’s production company to televise her […]


“The Marriage Ref” starts its second season tonight, and it’s already been the cause of at least one divorce. A man is blaming the producer, Jerry Seinfeld, for the demise of his marriage. According to Fox News: Howie Kohlenberg, 47, charged that after getting their 15 minutes of fame bickering on the March 4, 2010, […]


Hey, June brides! July brides! August brides! Ladies, you are HOT! Oh, yes! And there’s a good chance you’ll be going someplace even hotter on your honeymoon! Packing light is the key to being carefree and, more important, to keep from having to pay a bunch of money for a second or third bag on […]