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Since everyone reading (or writing!) this blog wasn’t around for the Roaring ’20’s in the last century and probably doesn’t know much about that period in American history, it’s more than likely you wouldn’t even consider it as a wedding theme, even though it’s hot, hot, hot in the world of weddings these days. As […]


Hiring a professional videographer to shoot the trailer: $1,500 Renting out the moving theater: $500 The look on my fiance’s face when she saw the movie trailer proposal: Priceless! Well, not exactly. Even the most hopeless romantic better have some deep pockets if he plans to pull of an amazing marriage proposal like this. Take […]


Prepare yourself for a flurry of excitement! I’m already falling for these timeless, new, wonderfully unique wedding favors, with some that are simply elegant, and I’m honored to introduce them, with photos of course, so you can enjoy the view! Thus concludes my prosaic introduction of Kate Aspen’s latest and greatest–the ultra-cool “Winter Dreams” Laser-Cut […]


When Karen came into the office last Monday, she asked how my weekend was, and I told her my weekend was lovely. Stupidly (and uncharacteristically, I might add), I failed to ask her the same question, but to my utter delight, she told me how her weekend was anyway. Her news blew me away! I […]


It seems strange that after writing about weddings for the past three years that NOW I finally get to actually plan one! Yep…I’m getting married! Wow! I still can hardly believe it. Everyone around here is just giddy with the news, and I must say that I approach this new level in my life with […]


I don’t know if you caught the latest episode of “The Office”, in which dimwitted office manager Michael Scott proposes to his girlfriend Holly. Before he pops the question, he shows the ring he purchased to Pam, the receptionist, whose jaw drops open when Michael opens the ring box. To put it mildly, the diamond […]